Updated the site

June 13, 2019

Yay, finally some content on this domain 🥳!


I’ve wanted to better utilise this domain for quite some time now. I wanted to have some platform to publish my writings and Medium just isn’t what I want.

And why use readymade when you can build your own?

Also: Always own your platform.

In the future there might or might not be some other features as well, but for the time being there’s only going to be blog posts.

Tech stack

The stack is fairly simple. Gatsby is used to build the site and the hosting is done on Netlify. I chose Gatsby because I did some other projects with it and found it (and React) quite pleasant to work with. (Coming from Vue.js world, the jump wasn’t all that bad.)

CSS framework is Bulma. I’ve really come to enjoy using it in the past couple of years. I’m also in the process of writing a Gatsby-remark plugin for Bulma to generate the correct class definitions from markdown.


The site is going to evolve and bugs are going to get squashed (🐜🔨). For example, the mobile experience is not-so-optimal at the moment and that’s going to be my number one focus to fix.

There’s definitely (hopefully) going to be posts about the things I do and the things that are otherwise occupying my brain-time.

Other writings: