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From bug to fix to production

Juho Salli
August 30th, 2019 · 1 min read

From bug to fix to production

Sometimes finding and fixing the cause of a bug can be a tedious and a long job. And probably most of the time it is (no data, just a hunch).

But then then are times when you find the cause, the fix, and publish the solution to a live site in ten minutes flat.

This happened to me just today. Granted, the app is not the most complicated and the bug was super easy to reproduce but still, the whole process was fast and it made me feel really good.

I think that if it wasn’t for the great tooling we have in web dev today the task would have taken a lot longer to accomplish.

The site itself is built with Gatsby which means that it is separated in to different React-components. That helped to pinpoint the problem and the fix, as I only had to write the solution in to one component.

And the fast push to live? The app is hosted on Netlify so I only had to git push origin master and Netlify would take care of the rest. Their CI/CD-pipeline is just amazing. 🎉

The feeling I get When Things Just WorkTM is part of the reason why I do tech.


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